Using advanced material science, SiO2 Medical Products, Inc. (SMP) has developed a line of products designed to offer improved performance and consistency. SMP's products are precision-molded from medical-grade polymers, with select surfaces that have a thin, transparent, silicon-based coating system, composed of organosiloxane and silica nano-layers. Our products are engineered to combine the durability and dimensional precision of plastic with the barrier properties of glass, while also providing the distinct benefits associated with the applied technology.


Based on these attributes, our products are designed to have the following profile:

  • Product purity
    • No silicone oil
    • Outstanding chemical resistance, protects sample integrity
    • Low extractables (Pharmaceutical Products)
    • Low leachables (Pharmaceutical Products)
  • Protection against oxygen transmission
    • Oxygen transmission rates rival that of glass containers
    • Use of UV inhibitors to control light transmission (Bioscience Products)
  • Package durability
    • Supports a wide range of temperatures
    • Compatible with many sterilization methods
  • Eliminates risk for breakage
    • Eliminates shattering of glass throughout supply chain
    • Reduces end-user complaints and recalls
  • Tight dimensional control
    • Products are all precision-molded
  • Customized surface characteristics
    • Hydrophobic or hydrophilic surface characteristics
  • Consistency and reliability
    • Advanced technologies to assure coating of every product shape
    • Six Sigma quality performance



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