SiO2 Medical Products, Inc.'s Advanced Bioscience Labware division combines plastic molding and materials expertise with plasma-based coating and treatment technologies to create the following labware products, among others:


PureWARE™ Microplates

  • Designed specifically for highly sensitive assays and instrumentation
  • PureWARE™ ULB - “Ultra-Low Binding”
    • Maximum sample protein/peptide recovery – even at low concentrations
    • Minimize protein/peptide binding to bioscience labware at low concentrations
  • PureWARE™ ULE - “Ultra-Low Extractables”
    • Minimal extraction of additives or polymeric components into the protein/peptide solution with common organic solvents
    • Minimize extractables of the plastic labware into the sample
  • PureWARE™ QLC - “Quartz-Like Coated”
    • Cleaner contact surface than glass
    • Incorporate an SiO2 coating to replace glass insert microplates
  • Highest Quality Polypropylene
    • Manufactured with ultra-pure polypropylene and molded in a state-of-the-art facility (Class 7 clean room)
  • Optimal Design
    • Four different microplate formats have been successfully commercialized
      • 96-Deepwell 0.5mL plate
      • 96-Deepwell 1.0mL plate
      • 96-Deepwell 2.0mL plate
      • 384-well 120uL microplate
    • Wells designed for optimal sample mixing
    • Smoothed design decreases wicking effects that can draw liquid upwards which causes contamination of adjacent wells and loss of valuable samples
  • Available in clear 2ml, 6ml, and 10ml sizes
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Low particle levels
  • Resistant to breakage
  • Gas impermeable internal coating
  • Scratch resistant external coating


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